The AVIA SECURITY system operates as a community management system in emergencies and allows full control of complex events –  both security and civilian related.


The system currently is active in more than 40 communities and municipalities in israel,  serves tens of thousands of residents and provides authorities and localities with advanced control and monitoring capability to deal with any event – routine or  emergency and has proven to significantly enhance residents' sense of security.


AVIA SECURITY's method of operation focuses on quick and easy management of the system in an effort to provide a quick and clear assessment of the situation for the management and the teams operating in the field, along with ease of use in alerting the community immediately.


In addition to advanced management capabilities – the system provides a complete picture of all residents in any exceptional situation and allows any citizen living within the local authority to report exceptional events using an emergency button. This tool allows proper management of the security and rescue forces in an emergency and allows you to prevail when challenged with an emergency situation with advanced technology.


Advanced technological battlefront


Emergency population management


Community alert system
Quick and updated situation report
emergency population management
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Team operating system


Team management and operation
Task management and event log
Dissemination of information to volunteers and emergency teams
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overcoming any event with advanced technology

Full control center

Public emergency announcements to residents

Activating emergency forces

Security messages to all residents

Comprehensive event documentation

Security messages to all residents

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